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coconut gardenia

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Top: Coconut, Gardenia Flower
Middle: Jasmine
Base: Vanilla

story behind: 

Instantly I feel at home. With my mom. With that specific perfume she wears that I can never quite lay a finger on the name… mom help me out here!! It never fails to amaze me how much scents can trigger happy memories and bring you back to those special moments with your loved ones. Especially my mom. So this candle goes out to my mom. If you’re missing someone today, light up a candle. Whether it be one of ours or just any one and I hope you get those happy feelings back and tell your mom you love them <3


recyclable amber glass jar, soy wax, clean fragrances, cotton paper wick

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Care Instructions

burn your candle for 2+ hours on first use 

trim your wick before each use to 1/4 in  (5mm)

the ideal surface for use is heat safe, and away from drafts, and out of reach of pets‭,‬ children, and/ or draperies & furniture

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